Accreditation requirements for travel agencies

Sist oppdatert: 22.09.2014 // According to Article 45 in the Schengen Visa Code, Member States may cooperate with commercial intermediaries for the lodging of applications, except for the collection of biometric identifiers. Such cooperation shall be based on the granting of an accreditation by the Member States’ relevant authorities.

Following requirements must be met in order to be granted accreditation:

• Application for accreditation
The company must file a written and signed application for accreditation in English or Norwegian. The application must include contact information of the head of the company. In addition, it must contain official address, telephone number and email address. Additionally, a description of the business must be provided.

• Accreditation shall be renewed annually
The Consulate General has decided that every travel agency will need to renew its accreditation annually. Applications for accreditation will be accepted in the time frame: 01.09.-01.10, every year. (The initial application period will last from 19.09.14-19.10.14)

According to Article 45 in the Schengen Visa Code, accredited commercial intermediaries shall regularly be monitored. Such practice will help Foreign Missions, who are granting accreditation, to detect irregularities of practice of the respective travel agencies. If found necessary, accreditation will be withdrawn.

• Proof of legal form of business
The company needs to provide the Consulate a copy of the official document, which proves registration in the official Register of Legal Entities. The company must also provide a certificate issued by the official Register of Legal Entities.

• The company must be registered on the territory of Russian Federation

• The company must have been in business as a travel agency for a minimum of one year
Proof in the form of documentation of registration as travel agency for at least one year is required.

• Present a list of employees who will be handing in the visa applications on behalf of applicants
The number of employees who are granted the permission to hand in applications cannot exceed five people.

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